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19 sturdy spring-loaded pegs Great for indoor and outdoor use Hangs from 3 foldable 360-degree swivel hooks Collapses for convenient ?storage Colours may vary ... 44 sturdy spring-loaded pegs Great for indoor and outdoor use Hangs from 4 foldable 360-degree swivel hooks Collapses for convenient storage Colours may vary among ... Total hanging capacity of 55kg Pre-wired and assembled for easy installation Remove from ground with ease with the included ground socket High tensile galvanised ... Capacity of 55kg evenly spaced, this clothesline is ideal for smaller households and families. For added peace of mind, the Topline Clothes Lines Everyday Rotary 37 has a 10 year warranty against ... Clothesline galvanised wire 3.5mm thick wire, 30-metre roll For replacing clothesline wire and similar applications Can be used for interior and exterior ...

This clothesline also includes line sleeves on the inside of arms ... Ideal for year-round drying Foldability allows for easy set up and pack up Weight capacity of 24kg Wall mount and over door bracket installation Includes integrated ... And fits almost anywhere around the home The Topline Clothes Lines is a light and easy to use clothesline perfect for small to medium households. The clothesline can handle a full wash load, including heavy and ... Leading brands such as Hills retractable clotheslines, the Austral Retractaway clothesline range plus the Artweger and Brabantia retractable clotheslines are all in stock.

Or just looking for a solution ?for drying your knitwear? This Hanging Drying Rack... You can leave the lid on. Smartly designed, there's no need to remove the lid when placing ready-to-wash items inside as the bin features a clever Quick-Drop opening.

Choose from our extensive range of colours including Black, Hawthorn Green, Coastal Blue & Sand or speak to us about a custom-made colour solution. All parts are Aussie-tough and made from high-grade steel and industrial-strength plastics. Each line is up to 6.75m long, which easily fits king size sheets. Each line has its own high-tension spring.

Small projects roller kit Includes 1 x roller frame, 1 x tray and 2 x 160mm roller covers Ideal for flat and ... Telescopic struts are compatible with Hills Everyday Folding Frame Suitable for the models of Hills Everyday Folding Frame Clotheslines Easy to assemble and ... Topline Clothes Lines Folding Frame is an Australian Made clothesline that can be used for everyday use and ... For the models of Topline Clothes Lines Folding Frame Clotheslines. Telescopic struts are compatible with Hills Everyday ... The Mount Bar is only required if you want to install the clothesline cabinet onto a Post Kit.

Ideal for individual items of laundry High strength, durable but with a great soft feel Use inside or outside the home Has soft plaited film and holds knots well ... With the largest clothesline warehouse and installer network across Australia, Lifestyle Clotheslines has you covered for fast delivery and expert installation. These clotheslines are great space savers and able to be used in townhouses, units and apartments on balconies, courtyards or narrow spaces. Retracting Clotheslines are the perfect solution when you need a family sized drying space but yard space is at a premium. Offering a sizeable amount of drying space you?ll be able to fit multiple king size sheet sets and all the socks, jocks and cricket whites that come with a growing family. Take advantage of our letterbox and clothesline installation service .

They are strong, durable and made specially for Australian conditions. Offers high strength and durability with permanent colours Easy to clean, long-wearing, and can be used inside or outside the home Ideal for individual items of ... Ideal for individual items of laundry Easy to clean, long-wearing, and can be used inside or outside the home 3.3mm x 30m of high strength line wire 6-strand galvanised ... Folds flat for easy storage Assembled size is L1760 x W810 x H1300mm Folded size is L1700 x W810 x H100mm 20 metres of line space with a 20kg load capacity Durable ... Portable Clothesline is a convenient way to dry your clothes when there isn't a clothesline available ...

Wall Mounted Clothes Line

The hook on the receiving end for wall to wall or post to wall configurations must also be fixed in a stud. Usually no back board is required in this case as only one stud is required. This only applies if your retractable configeration is a "wall to wall" or a "wall to post". Make sure you have no tree branches or other objects that will interfere with the clothesline when it is extended out and at full height. Make sure the clothesline will not hit anything like decks or trees at any height the clothesline might be wound up to. We can install your clothesline from only $109 anywhere in SYDNEY or from $139 on the SOUTH & CENTRAL COASTS or BLUE MOUNTAINS.

The Air Dry 1500 is the very popular wall mounted fold down clothesline on the market! The clothesline can be customised to your needs including width modification. The Air Dry has a generous line space up to 20m and up to 14 lines for optimum drying. Wall mounted folding clotheslines are ideal for saving or utilising space.

Custom sizes and colours available. Yes, Most fold down clothesline models have a ground mount kit option with some of the smaller units wall mounted only. There are two types of ground mount kit which are Standard and Plated for the different ground surfaces. Please see our further detailed faq on the differences between these two types of kits.

MIlkcans collection of Wall Mounted Clothes Lines are perfectly designed and built for those looking to save on space. Whether your backyard or courtyard is large or small, there?s a Milkcan Wall Mounted Clothes Line to suit! Each fold down clothesline can be easily mounted onto your house, brick wall or fence, in your garden or back yard. With easy to mount brackets, each clothes line is still wide enough to hold queen sized sheets. Depending upon the space available, there are several options of either retracting or folding frame clotheslines that can be fitted down narrow areas. The Air Dry Folding frame Clothesline can be wall-mounted or ground mount to become a standalone clothesline.

Discover the benefits of a quality fold down clothesline which are the best for space saving design and drying in small areas. Depending on the fold down or folding clotheslines you choose, it may be wall mounted, or ground mounted onto posts by using a ground mount kit. With four colours to shop from and size varying from our Slimline , Compact ?, Standard or Family size, there?s a wall mounted clothes line to suit your families washing needs. Shop online for a huge range of wall mounted clotheslines and washing lines. We offer competitive pricing with fast, free delivery Australia-wide.

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Supplied with all wall fixings and easy to follow assembly instructions. Reliable parcel delivery service to ensure proper care and certainty of your order. Orders are sent daily for fast delivery. Each model comes with enough cable to create a clothesline up ?to 5 meters long.

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